Toshiba has teamed up with Intel to launch a new social experiment titled The Power Inside; a film where the Good battles the Evil goes social.

The film revolves around the Uricks, a group of moustached villains rising from beneath of our noses to threaten our planet, and you get to join them, or join the Guardians, the good guys. The film is currently at the auditioning phase, you can audition via Facebook, to join theGuardians you have to film yourself shaving your moustache or ripping a fake one, and you could be in the film.

The Power Inside is going to premiere on August 15th on:

The Power Inside

Advertising Agency: Pereira & O’Dell, USA
Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Director: Jason Apaliski
Copywriters: Ross Cavin, Neil Ramanan
Art Directors: Chris Adams, Brett Beaty
VP of Production: Jeff Ferro
Film Producer: Bill Spangler
Senior Integrated Producer: Kelsie Van Deman
VP of Client Services: Gary Theut
Account Director: Henry Arlander
Account Executive: Lisl Schilperoort
VP of Strategy: Nick Chapman
Strategy Director: Justin Cox
VP of Media: Josh Brandau
Media Strategist: Andrew Matthews
Media Strategist : Pete Fishman
Assistant Media Strategist: Katie McKinley
Project Manager: Jennifer McConville
Business Affairs Director: Xandra Ess
Publicist: Molly Parsley
Production Company: Furlined | Love Child
Directors: Will Speck, Josh Gordon
Executive Producers: Diane McArter, David Thorne
Producer: Jan Wieringa
Writer: Matt Robinson
DP: Jo Willems
Editor: Rick Pearson A.C.E.
Post Supervisor: Chris Ott
Trailer Editor: Nina Kawasaki
VFX / Online: Zoic
Executive Producer: Cally Morton
Creative Director: Rob Moggach
VFX Producer: Matt Olmon
Graphics: Laundry
Music: Elias Arts
Sound Designer: Peter Rincon

The Power Inside Social Film, Now Auditioning!

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