Tonic International Showcases Its Creative Flair

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 08 April 2018 – Tonic International has exclusively created the branding for Flair No.5, a new bar/restaurant/lounge located in DIFC. The independent creative agency, based in Dubai, was tasked with fashioning an identity for this new and unique Ritz-Carlton concept.

Flair No.5 is an enticing outdoor bar and lounge, which launched at the end of February. It has been dubbed an urban jungle and the premier after-work city escape. The design team behind Tonic International first started with developing a strong strategy in order to help position the venue. Once this had been achieved, a truly distinguished visual identity was designed. The branding captures the contrast between the busy city life and the tranquility of Flair No.5.

Creative Branding Director, Giovanni Borde, comments: “The visual identity we created was meant as a juxtaposition of the wildness of nature contrasted with the simplicity of the blank canvas. Similar to the contrast between the bustle of the city and the serene escape Flair No. 5 offers away from it.


The project’s team at Tonic International includes Creative Branding Director, Giovanni Borde, Branding Director, Reem Nassar, Senior Art Director, Ben Griffiths and Executive Creative Director Joao Camacho.

Tonic International focus on full service marketing, including branding, digital, media, advertising and customer experience. The team is passionate about changing the way brands connect and interact with their audience.





Tonic International Showcases Its Creative Flair

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