Dubai-UAE: 5 June, 2012 – Ayyad Media Art Productions and Media Group Production, today announced it is set to release a new TV series ‘Lobat Al Mara Rajol’. Based on a novel by Saudi writer Sarah Al Olaiwi, the show highlights social issues such as the dual life that men in the Saudi and Arabic societies lead within and beyond the home.

Scheduled to air across the Gulf on a number of satellite channels during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the filming process is nearing completion. Produced by Media Group Production, as executive producer, Lobat Al Mara Rajol marks a progression in outlook for the Saudi entertainment industry.

Written by Ahmad Al Maghrebi, the series is directed by the Jordanian Iyad Al Khzzour, who has to his credit popular shows such as ‘Bayareq Al Araba’, ‘Awraq Al Hob’ ‘Karima’, ‘Doa’at Ala Abwab Jahanam’, and ‘Sultana’.

Starring Maysa Al Maghrebi, the series also features prominent actors including Ibrahim Al Harbi, Ibrahim Al Zadjali, Shihab Jawhar, Amira Mohammed, Shatha Sabt, Mariam Al Ghamedi, and singer Laila Iskandar.

Saudi TV Series Lobat Al Mara Rajol

Maysa Al Maghrebi, who is also supervising the show, said: “I am confident that Lobat Al Mara Rajol will allow us to address contemporary issues, in addition to offering a glimpse of the culture and ambiguities prevailing in the Saudi society. Viewers will gain an insight into the novelist’s perceptions of the Saudi fabric. Given its importance, I will focus on the series and feature in no other production during the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Director Iyad Al Khzzour said: “The series will mark a departure from my previous works. We will shoot several parts of the series on the format of reality TV, which is unprecedented in Arabic drama. We have chosen this route to offer the viewer a realistic portrayal of the Saudi society. A unique approach will not be limited to the direction aspect alone, but will cover all components in a bid to present a meaningful and distinctive show.”

‘Lobat Al Mara Rajol’ revolves around the protagonist Reem, who is attached to her only brother Nayef. The entire family’s favourite, Reem too seeks his company and approval. Her obsession extends to her dislike of his wives, which makes Nayef uneasy. Reem tries to thwart Nayef’s personal and professional success fearing that she might be overshadowed. The plot develops with the family facing difficult situations and taking painful decisions.

Saudi TV Series Lobat Al Mara Rajol

Mazen Ayyad, Chairman of Ayyad Group, said: “We have put together our resources and efforts to produce the series. Filmed in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and Switzerland, the locations were selected on the basis of the original novel. Our show will not be exclusive to any channel and aired during and after the Holy month of Ramadan to attract a larger audience.”

Mohammed Abdullah, Managing Director of the TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster, said: “We are pleased to welcome the team of Lobat Al Mara Rajol to Dubai. The emirate has gained the status of a regional media hub for its excellent infrastructure, support facilities and rich locales. We hope the team will benefit from the easy availability of Arabic talent and expertise. We are confident that the TV series will receive an overwhelming response.”

‘Lobat Al Mara Rajol’ was ranked second in the UAE bestseller list. Author of ‘Lelkathebe Rejal’, Sarah Al Olaiwi has participated in literary forums in Tunisia and Dubai, including the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2011.

Saudi TV Series Lobat Al Mara Rajol

About Media Group Production
Media Group production was formed in 2003 with the aim to provide professional services for film, TV, corporate and entertainment productions.

Since the beginnings on TV production, the company established a strong name in the market. Media group has been working closely with market leading TV channels and business partners. Its experience stretches from local venues all the way to global projects with the mission to provide high quality and professional products. From conception to post-production, the company benefits from an experienced team of creative professional to provide customers with their very needs.

Media Group has successfully completed numerous projects to date, including the feature film ‘Tarab Fashion’ which was released across the Middle East. Another hit was the huge popularity of the reality TV show ‘Street Smarts’ which was produced for infinity TV and completed a show called ‘Benia Allo’ on Al An TV.

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TV Series ‘Lobat Al Mara Rajol’ Highlighting Saudi Society Set for Release during Holy Month of Ramadan

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