The Kalima project for translation, affiliated to the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, has announced the launch of “Tweet with Kalima” contest on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

The new initiative is part of Kalima’s new schemes to promote translation, reading, cultural interaction and the use of Arabic language among the users of Twitter.

The contest is open to all Arabic speakers. It is based on the translation from English of quotes selected by Kalima, and then posting them on its Twitter account @kalima_project.

Two winners from among those who made the best translation of the selected aphorisms and quotes will be selected weekly until the opening of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (28 March – 2 April 2012).

“As all the initiatives of the National Library, this contest comes to cope with modern developments, under which the social networking sites, including Twitter, gained more public attention,” said HE Jumaa Al Qubaisi, Deputy Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage for the National Library Affairs.

“As an authority concerned with the promotion of culture and knowledge, we are naturally concerned with benefiting from this modern and widespread means in order to spread awareness about the importance of the written word and its humanitarian sense that urges thinking and encourages constructive communication among people,” Qubaisi added.

Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Director of Kalima, highlighted the symbolic value of the contest and the addition it can provide.

“We will ensure that the quotes we post on our Twitter page are not yet translated into Arabic. At the same time, the quotes will carry significant intellectual and aesthetic values in terms of their style, their content or their composers,” said Dr bin Tamim.

“We are confident that there will be high turnout for translating these quotations. Therefore, when we choose the most eloquent, the best and the non-common translations, we will add vitality to the movement of the Arabic translation, especially since this competition is not aimed at professional translators only, but everybody can participate in it,” he added.

The contest also aims to promote the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which is one of the most prominent platforms designed for promoting books in the region and the Arab World.

“The competition will be one of the events that will contribute to the increase of demand for the Fair and the interest in its numerous and varied activities which are aimed at all segments and categories,” Dr bin Tamim emphasized.

“It is known that Twitter attracts a large audience of non-traditional readers whose contribution gives a different flavor to the translation, the Arabic language, and the Fair’s activities,” he added.

On the mechanism of the selection of winning translations, bin Tamim said: “There will be a jury of translators who will choose the quotations and the best translations of them. There will be also a coordinator of the jury, namely translator Samer Abu Hawwash, who will coordinate between the arbitrators. The website of Kalima will follow up the contest.”

‘Tweet with Kalima’ contest on Twitter launched

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