Umniah, a comprehensive mobile, Internet and business solutions provider and a subsidiary of Batelco Group, announced that operations are moving forward on the completion of the newest 3G network in the Kingdom.

The Company confirmed that it is in the process of finalizing the network in preparation for the rollout of 3G services over the coming few months, in order to meet the growing demands for high-speed Internet in the Jordanian market.

As part of the preparations for providing high-speed Internet services through 3G technology, Umniah commenced with the installment of towers across the Kingdom several months ago, to build a modern, comprehensive and high-speed network that meets to International standards and specifications.

Umniah also signed two agreements with Huawei – a leading global ICT solutions provider – and ZTE – a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. Both companies will be assisting in the technical requirements related to the building of the 3G network for Umniah’s corporate and individual subscribers, confirming Umniah’s commitment to elevating telecom services and increasing broadband Internet penetration levels in line with national ICT goals in Jordan.

In January of 2012, Umniah invested JD50m in a 3G license and dedicated additional amounts towards infrastructure and network expenses. It also acquired 2.1 GHz of spectrum from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), preparing it to move forward with the rollout of the advanced 3.75G services to its growing customer base. Umniah currently serves more than 2.3 million customers in the Kingdom, giving it a 31% market share.

Commenting on 3G rollout preparations in the Kingdom, Umniah CEO Ihab Hinnawi said, “We are expecting to launch our 3G services in the coming few months. The market has shown a number of indications that signify its readiness for 3G services as we have seen an increased demand for broadband Internet services, an increase in smartphone penetration rates, an improvement in purchasing power as well as a rise in content and applications that are suited to our community and lifestyle.”

“Through our 3G services we are hoping to ease access to the Internet and to information, offer innovative and new content, and provide applications and services that will positively impact our subscribers’ daily lives,” he added.

Hinnawi went on to confirm that the high-speed Internet services that will be offered by Umniah will give subscribers a unique experience and positively affect the Company’s standing within the ICT market and Jordanian community.

Umniah prepares for 3G launch

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