Viva Bahrain announced today the launch of the new Huawei MediaPad for the first time in the Kingdom bundled with a Viva broadband 5 plan. The Huawei MediaPad is an Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet with a captivating 7 inch touchscreen display powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

The device is also equipped with a 5-mega pixel camera, a front facing camera for video calls, a full HD 1080p video recorder, 3G connectivity, a microSD card providing up to 32 GB memory and an HDMI port.

“We are pleased to introduce the new Huawei MediaPad for the first time in Bahrain exclusively at Viva,” said Andrew Hanna, Viva CCO. “The new MediaPad offers a great alternative in the tablet market especially with the Viva broadband 5 plan giving our customers the chance to enjoy the unique Android experience to the fullest.”

The new device will be available on promotion for a limited quantity exclusively at the Viva stores and will come with a one year contract with Viva broadband 5. Customers can enjoy the Huawei MediaPad with free data for the first two months at the fastest speeds and an additional 8 GB free storage.

Viva recently broke the market speed record for the third time in two years when it launched the state of the art 4G LTE networks with speeds reaching 100 Mbps on the first day of 2012 earlier this week, which further reinforces Viva’s position as the provider of the fastest broadband in Bahrain.

Viva first to launch new Huawei MediaPad in Bahrain

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