It seems that the concept of volunteer job is different these days, as far as I know it is an unpaid work but also a free of charge work, it is also far away from luxury and being a pleasure cruise. This brochure from Jordan River Foundation is telling us about a trip they are organizing to Beirut next Thursday 7/9/2006 for one week to Lebanon for some volunteer job.

Accommodations is in 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels and cost varies between 167 – 302 JD’s based on the level of the chosen hotel, the price includes 6 nights accommodations, breakfast and the borders taxes.

Do I have to pay the price of helping others! Am I going for tourism? This one seems to be a 5 stars campaign not anyone can join it – you have to be style in your dress, shave everyday, perfume, hair gel … consider that you are going to a party or on a date – I wonder is it “Couples Only”?

What does it take to be a volunteer? 302 JD’s!

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  • Nas


    a) transportation: how do you plan on getting there?

    b) where will you sleep?

    c) consider the money you’re paying also a donation as it is generating tourism into lebanon, which is the hardest industry hit from this war.

  • Samer Marzouq

    Thank you Nas, but all that can be arranged easily a bus will not cost that much, as for accommodation it can be in campsites, schools… etc.
    This amount of money will be more effective if it was given to needy people to rebuild their houses, buy food ….etc, then we will come to tourism.

    Anyway I felt that the approach was a little bit fancy.

  • Nas

    well this isnt exactly a village in africa, we’re talking about an unsteady ceasefire and a recent state of war. buses going to lebanon are not going to go cheaply and given the fact that Jordan is able to transport people to and from lebanon, security is another issue.

    that being said, direct aid is coming in the form of hizballah and lebanese government cash handouts. but lebanon depends on tourism, it creates the jobs for those people. giving them a few hundred jds to buy a few bricks to rebuild a wall isn’t going to do much, neither is the food that wont last a week. industry needs to be fueled otherwise a month from now, a year from now, you’ll have a bunch of rebuilt homes and a whole lot of unemployed people.

    anywhoo. this is the jordan river foundation, non-profit i believe. it’s a good cause either way.

  • Samer Marzouq

    So lets go and stay in their hotels, while they don’t have houses to sleep in and wait till tourism gets better and hopefully somehow this will reflect on all Lebanese.

  • Nas

    samer, yeah eventually it does. of course i say this because i believe in free trade, but this is how it works samer. we could all make direct donations and that always works because there is a phychological aspect to it…like putting a bandaid over a wound. but in these cases the wounds need long term treatment or otherwise we’re just stopping the bleeding over and over and over again.

    if anything, the number one thing that lebanon is going to do is encourage people to come the country for tourism. this is what jordan would do and we have even less resources than they do.

  • Karol Zetter

    Hi, I´m from Mexico I visited Lebanon 3 summers ago, I think is one of the most beautiful countries and I´m very sad of what happened to the lebanese and Lebanon with the war, I would love to know if there´s information about the volunteer job in Lebanon.

    Thanks a lot


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