Abu Dhabi 23 April 2012:  Etisalat Carrier & Wholesale Services and Yahoo! announced  a partnership to bolster end-user experience through Etisalat’sSmartHub network. Yahoo! deployed accelerated delivery platforms in Etisalat’sSmarthub network that enable faster access to Yahoos! rich content  throughout the region.


Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services, Etisalat, said: “This is part of our Smarthub strategy for content providers. Today, we are able to provide accelerated access to the most  popular internet content to our UAE Customers, regional ISP’s and Group Companies. By teaming up with Yahoo!, together, we help deliver a richer user experience across the region. Etisalat’s continued leadership and investment in international infrastructure technologies, ensures the UAE provides a leading role as a capacity, internet and content hub. ”


Ahmed Nassef, Vice President and Managing Director, Yahoo! Middle East, said: “At Yahoo!, we are focused on ensuring that we deliver to our audiences a high-performing end-user experience that is standard for Yahoo! everywhere in the world.  By partnering with Etislalat, we are strengthening our service and allowing for a more agile experience for our users to enjoy and engage with our content. As a regional leader with pioneering technologies, Etisalat is a great partner for this project and we look forward to more deployments across the region.”

Yahoo! joins EtisalatSmarthub

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