Oct 8, 2013, Dubai, UAE: LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network with over 238 million members worldwide, including over one million each in the UAE and in KSA has unveiled some data highlighting trends amongst their members in the Middle East.

Ambitious achievers with a hunger for new experiences, LinkedIn’s members in the Middle East, totalling over 9 million, are increasingly depending on the platform to guide their careers – and inform their purchase choices.

Description: Key Highlights
• LinkedIn’s Middle East members are young & educated professionals
• 75% prefer to be leaders rather than followers
• 67% say LinkedIn helps them build relationships and drive new business leads
• Industry news and trends is the most sought after content type
• 36% of members in the Middle East access LinkedIn via a mobile device

LinkedIn’s Middle East audience is young and highly educated, with 73% having earned a university degree or higher, and they have succeeded in translating their education into positions of real authority within business. More than half (52%) are responsible for deciding which products or vendors their company should use. A third of them use LinkedIn to research such choices.

LinkedIn members in the Middle East pursue international experience with one in five taking over eight overseas business trips, and three quarters stressing the value of having a global perspective on events. Increasingly, it is LinkedIn that they turn to, to provide this perspective: 46% say they have increased their usage of LinkedIn in the past 12 months and 44% say that they are now much more engaged with the platform. Industry news and insight is the first form of content they seek out on LinkedIn.

The Middle East audience shows an appetite for signalling success through personal spending: 45% wear designer clothes, 28% intend to buy a designer watch and 32% are actively looking at property purchases; when it comes to technology, 81% own a smartphone, with 59% carrying a tablet. And as with business decisions, LinkedIn is an increasingly valued source of guidance for such purchases: new product information ranks behind only industry news and career opportunities as the most popular form of content on the platform.

Young, educated and in senior positions, LinkedIn’s Middle East members use platform to inform their decisions

Young, educated and in senior positions, LinkedIn’s Middle East members use platform to inform their decisions

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