Zain Bahrain and the Social Media Club Bahrain are all set to celebrate the Second Annual Social Media Day Awards. The event was launched last year as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes and to mark Mashable Social Media Day worldwide whereby more than 398 cities will be celebrating it.

This year, Social Media Club Bahrain, Zain Bahrain & will recognize the best social media users in Bahrain in 12 categories under the categories of Business & Personal users.

Business categories:
1- Best Facebook Page.
2- Best Social Media Customer Service.
3- Best Business Use of Twitter.
4- Best Social Media Product/Technology.
5- Best Social Media Campaign.
6- Best Social NGO.

Personal categories:
1- Best Social Blog.
2- Best Student Project.
3- Best Social Community Builder.
4- Best Social Youtube Video.
5- Best Media Personality.
6- Best Business Personality.

All companies, organizations & internet users are invited to join fellow social media enthusiasts by nominating the best users in social media with filling the nomination form available on

All participants will have the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S3 from Bin Hindi Informatics.

Social Media Day 2012 Awards Celebration will be held on 30th June 2012 where the Social Media Club Bahrain will be announcing the 12 winners. Nominees & Club members will be invited for the gala dinner presented by Zain Bahrain.

“Once again Zain Bahrain is rewarding and encouraging social media users for their use of technology to shape the way we communicate,” said Zain Bahrain’s Corporate Communications Manager, Mrs. Samya Hussain, “We are looking forward to meeting our Bahrain bloggers, fans on our Facebook & twitter followers, offline and in person at the Awards Celebration.”

“We have launched the nominations two weeks ago and we have received great nominations by more than 2000 social media users in Bahrain. The deadline is 15th June 2012. The Jury Committee will be meeting to review all the nominations and confirm the winners. We will be inviting the digital enthusiasts to celebrate the one thing that unites us and keeps us in constant contact: social media,” added Social Media Club Bahrain Founder & President, Mr. Ali Sabkar.

Zain Bahrain and the Social Media Club Bahrain celebrate the Second Annual Social Media Day Awards

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