Treat Refugees #LikeAnimals

We humans tend to think of ourselves as the superior form of life, we associate our species with goodness and something we can “humanity”, but truth is we’re not, we’re the worse creatures to roam this planet!

Think about it, animals don’t kill for fun, they don’t attack others just because of their ethnicity or religion, but we do, and over the centuries we killed hundreds of millions of our own kind for no good reason, and even today, in the year 2016, blood is shed, lives lost and entire nations being completely dislocated.

And on top of that, refugees are being denied shelter when they runaway, and what’s worse, some of these refugees abuse the hospitality of hosting countries; humans are literally the worse!

Here is a campaign by Memac Ogilvy Label in Tunisia, inviting humanity be more “human” by following the steps of animals, I like that!

In response to the unstoppable surge of immigrants’ waves and given the scope of this impending humanitarian disaster we’ve been witnessing for two years, the Association for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees in Tunisia in collaboration with the Communications Agency Memac Ogilvy Label, had the initiative to make this video in order to remind us all of the importance of our shared human values and to reawaken the consciences.

Advertised brand: ADIRT (Association for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees in Tunisia)
Advert title: #Likeanimals
Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunis, Tunisia
Managing Director : Syrine Cherif
Planning Director : Sofiene El Kebir
Art Director: Amin Khelil
Copywriter : Mehdi AlMonastiri
Digital Planner : Mustapha Boussabat
PR Account Managers : Nayla Sakkal, Imen Zarrouk, Jihed Jmili
Published: November 2015

Treat Refugees #LikeAnimals

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