jazarah is a vegetable, a food, a juice, a cake, a state of mind, a deeply-rooted thingy that comes in different colors, mostly a little bit of bluish and pinkish, but we decided to go with the orange, not the fruit, obviously! For some, it’s exotic, well, not really, but legends say too much carrot can make you see in the dark, we say bring it on!

You may think we are taking things seriously, but we do, most of the time, we are so serious about everything that might concern you, our Middle-Eastern-based advertising/marketing/media/entertainment enthusiast, we brainstorm to create, we research to inform, and we travel the web to hunt the coolest stuff that you need to move on with your life!

T H E . B L O G
jazarah! started as a blog on April Fool’s day 2006, the blog went through lots of changes, made some enemies, almost got sued, twice, but most importantly it opened a world of opportunities to the bloke who started it, me!

During this short time, jazarah! grew up to become an online magazine that serves the creative and marketing industry with useful resources that keeps industry professionals informed, and entertained at the same time!

T H E . S T O R I E S
We will be covering stories and reports about the media industry in the Middle East, with bits and pieces from around the world. Online media will be the core of these stories, and social media will be the soul of this section.

jazarah! aims to be a source of inspiration, a platform for exciting people, like yourself, residents of the web, marketing gurus, creative minds, advertising lovers, entertainment fans, and photography appreciators, a place where they can explore the news and exchange ideas.

The jobs section in jazarah! aggregates the latest job openings in the Middle East in various categories that matter to our audience; from marketing and pr, to advertising and entertainment, to graphic and web design, to event management, research, production and sales.

Employers are welcomed to post their job openings for free, for the time being, as long as it falls under one of the above mentioned categories in one of the Arab cities across the region.

T H E . D I R E C T O R Y
jazarah! hosts a comprehensive guide that covers different agencies and companies including advertising agencies, pr consultants, branding and design houses, media operators, research companies, event management, printing and audio/video production houses, content and writing services, photography and photo stock, events, associations, and educational institutes in the MENA region.

We will be more than happy to post your company details here on the directory for free, all you have to do is to drop us a line!

Samer Marzouq

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