The Intern of Bloor Street

Leo Burnett Toronto celebrates the excitement you feel as an intern discovering an ad agency’s daily life. In this film, the 24-year-old character is psyched to have landed an internship in “”one of the greatest creative industries in the world: advertising.””

A smart, nice and funny ode to the industry and to “”the agency life””, implying that, unlike many in advertising that get jaded with the business, Leo Burnett Toronto’s employees still feel that positive way about their job.

“My name is Andrew Kutchminsky. At the tender age of 24, I landed an internship in one of the greatest creative industries in the world: advertising. On my first day, I was introduced to everyone. I met so many great, smart, talented people. In every single department.

In no time, I became pretty popular around the office. And everywhere I went, there was free food. Breakfast: free. Lunch: free. One night, I was working late, someone asked me if I wanted a sandwich. He said it’s after 8PM, so the company pays, up to 10 bucks. Holly shit, free dinner. This was the exact moment I knew I was in the greatest business ever.

The Intern of Bloor Street

How could I not love my job? I was getting so much free shit: muffins, pens, paper, coffee booze, cabs… That I actually ended up saving money. But it wasn’t just the free stuff, it was freedom. You can wear what you want, take breaks when you want and say what you want.

And then it happened, the boss came to my office. She had no idea who I was but that didn’t matter, she still ask me, Andrew Kutchminsky, to stay late to work on the pitch deck. Mark my words: one day, probably not today, but one day, not only will my boss know my name, but the hot ladies in production will too. God I love this business. God damn.”

“Remember that feeling? We do. Leo Burnett.”

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