Sony Ericsson, one of the major mobile phone manufacturers in the world, announced its absolute belief and confidence in the Egyptian market assuring the continuation of the company’s focus and marketing activities in Egypt, one of the biggest markets in the region.

Sony Ericsson asserts its ongoing support to its distributors in Egypt, Delta and Rizkalla, highlighting that now is the time to emphasize partnership and commitment to the market.

Sony Ericsson declared that it had already started implementing its marketing activities indicating that Egypt is one of the most promising foreign investments markets especially in light of the tremendous growth in the number of mobile and internet users and the high level of awareness among the Egyptian youth in usage of Internet and information technology.

Sony Ericsson has previously stated that Egypt is the second biggest market in Africa in terms of number of subscribers reaching 64 million with a penetration rate of 80%, which is higher than the global penetration average 71.4%.

Sony Ericsson strategy in Egypt relies on making people smile through providing the best user experience in beautifully designed handsets. The Xperia range of smart phones based on Android Operating System (OS) offer thousands of applications available on Android Market, a Google-sponsored online store for downloading free and paid Android applications from third-party developers. Android market is now part of Sony Ericsson handsets proposition in Egypt.

Sony Ericsson Xperia smart phones are now fully arabized to suit the Egyptian and Arab users.

Sony Ericsson confirms focus in Egypt

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